Old Cubase SX tool

Years ago, SX days I think, there was a great tool where you could select multiple parts of an arrangement from different tracks (vertically in the same time frame, so typically verse or chorus). You could then create some sort of pointer part that you could drop later in the arrangement that would play the parts you had selected. Very useful.

After many years I came back to Cubase on v 6. Now updated to 6.55 so…now…I’ve…forgotten…it!

I don’t think it’s folder tracks, as I remember selecting parts not tracks. It’s also not the arranger tool, which looks like a much newer feature that does some kind of auto looping.

Anyone remember the old way and if its still in 6.5?


Just a wild guess, are youtalking about the Arranger Track?

I don’t believe so. I checked that out and it appears to be some kind of programmable looping tool. Clever but not what I’m after. I would describe my tool as ‘Folder PARTS’ if that makes any sense!


Folders do just that.

Oh I though that they just held other tracks in their entirety, not just the selected ‘slice’ of the arrangement.

Please let me spell it out so that I get it! Is it that you can can set up a folder that contains say tracks 1, 5-8, 23, and create a part that shows up in the arrange page that plays only bars 1-8 for example? And that part can be duplicated? And a different part from that folder can contain different tracks and bars?


No, it’s still tracks that go into the folder. Moving the tracks into a folder will make them contiguous.

See p. 97 of the english manual.

Thanks SteveInChicago. I had a play around with folder tracks last night and it does the trick! Not quite as I remember from VST/SX days but I suppose that’s no surprise. Appreciate your help.

I’d thank you if I could figure out how - not in the faq or anywhere I could find.