old deesser

I can’t find on my computer the old steinberg Deesser vst2, the one that came with Nuendo4 and cubase SX3.
Can anybody tell me were I can download it? Win version.
Any help appreciated.

Would anybody be so kind to send me an email with the dll file. It would avoid me to install cubase sx3 or nuendo4 (I have the original CDs) only to copy the dll and then uninstall.
I can’t find it on the Steinberg FTP.
Thank you in advance.

on mac you can open the installer and view the contents without actually installing. the de-esser plugin is there as an archive which is easily uncompressed and then dropped into the required folder.

the same must be possible on pc.

I am not sure what you mean. If you mean the “additional content” folder, it doesn’t contain the Deesser. But probably you are talking about something else.
Can you explain?

no, not that folder.

if i mount the disk image i see 4 files:

readme first.pdf
a read me files folder
an additional content folder
and the nuendo 4 mpkg (installer package)

if i right click the installer package i can view the contents. inside this is the de-esser package. a pc user will need to chime in with the right instructions for the pc version of the installer but the same principal will apply.

Thank you. Never done on PC before. I’ll give it a try.

i instaled n4 on a w7 vm last night. here are the files:


Thank you so much for this. I tried to look inside the .exe but nothing.
You made my day!