Old Delay's and Free VST's?

I’m moving and gruving with N5/64 bit but in pulling up some old projects i see that i have forgotten some old delays i used to love.

The Karlette & the Analog Delay to be specific.

I searched an OLD hard drive and found the DLL for the Karlette, but cant seem to find the ‘Analog Delay’ (pretty sure that was a steiny plug in).

Does anyone have the Analog Delay DLL they can send my way.


Can i run the old Karlette on my N5/64 bit system without it freaking my system out too badly?

Dennis in Memphis


whilst they may open in n5 i think you want to get the settings and replace them as fast as possible.


You da’ Man!

Thats it. The SMART Electronics Analog Delay! For some reason i thought it was a stiny product.

Are these things unstable on N5/64 bit, to your knowledge?


I used to LOVE that delay… I may still have it installed. Will report back on it.

I run that Analogic Delay with no problems on my N5 32bit with W7 64bit

Karlette is still on the Steiny FTP somewhere too.
Must admit I am now spoiled with the UAD RE-201 though…
Don’t know the Analogic delay - what makes it special, please?