Old Demo Files

Hi guys,

I know this is a weird request but is there any chance to get back all of those awesome demo songs from the previous version, I loved them and listened to them often but when I changed iPad devices and downloaded Musicstudio they were all gone except for what is now left. Thank you in advance for the consideration :slight_smile:

HI theuinisa,

Thanks for your message.

We’re glad to hear that you’ve liked the Music Studio demo songs.
Unfortunately, we had to reduce the number of available demo projects due to data protection and privacy reasons.

Best wishes,
Music Studio Support

Dear support team, I do appreciate the reply. Is there no way to send me the demo files, I listened to them frequently and they always inspired me. I would be most grateful and you would make this music lover very happy. They are small files so I’m sure this shouldn’t be too great a task. Best regards, Theunis.