Old Dorico 1 files after update to 3.1

Is it necessary to take any action on old Dorico 1 files/folders after the update to 3.1? I’m assuming the update will overwrite anything important from the previous version, but I’m wondering if I can manually optimize any of my directories to ensure I don’t have any lingering unnecessary clutter on my hard drive. In particular, I installed the sound library again, so I just want to make sure the update didn’t install any redundant plugins in separate folders.I 'm on a mac (Catalina, 10.15.2).

Any tips on where to check for this stuff would be appreciated. Also, I’m blown away by this update; fantastic progress has been made, and I’m excited to dive in again.

Welcome to the forum, cdhallum, and I’m delighted to hear you’ve made the jump from Dorico 1.x to Dorico 3.1.

There’s not much clutter with Dorico, especially on Mac: if you want to, you can simply trash the Dorico.app application package.

Thanks, Daniel! I’ve been following your work on Dorico since it was only a blog. Happy to see that things are going so well.

All the best to you!