Old(er) Version C Elements needed

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Re: Cubase Elements 8.

Due to a missing ExpressCard slot on my modern laptop I’m forced to use my old laptop. However, it is not possible to install Elements 8.0 on this old laptop due to insuffice display resolution. Does anybody know which older version of Elements accepts a display of max (or less) 1280 x 800? Please note I have a.o. an usb Cubase Elements 8.0 license ®, so I prefer to run the older version of Elements under this current license. Windows 7 maximum as drivers will no longer be updated by the manufacturer of my gear (a.o.M-Audio Profire Lightbridge).
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C6 Elements was the first Elements but I think had the same 1366x768 minimum requirement. It’s available for download of you want to check.

C5 Essential would work but no idea if your license would cover it or where you can download it.

The minimum resolution for Cubase Essential 5 is 1024x768. That’s the last version that supported anything below 1280x800. That version is very archaic and limited compared to modern versions of Cubase Elements, but I suppose it’s better than nothing.