Old File Title Won't Go Away

I imported a MIDI file into Dorico. I saved the Dorico version under a new name. The title on the first page of Dorico was the MIDI file title. I changed that; however, the old file title shows up on every page after page 1. (I haven’t used flows, but maybe it thinks that is the flow name.)

In the attachment, picture 1 is page 1 with the correct title. Picture 2 is what I see–and don’t want to see–on every other page. (Neither one is the current file name.)

I’m sure this is an easy fix. Suggestions?



Dorico 4.3.20. Win 11.

PS I am going to change those grace notes to 1/16T. I know the staves don’t match. That’s just how the import came in. :slight_smile:

Have you checked File menu > Project Info?

Thanks. I updated the title (and other stuff) there, but at the bottom it says “Copy info from…” and as that old MIDI file name (which is not even stored on this machine. It does not seem to want me to edit that field.

Under Project in Project Info, there was what I guess was the flow name. I copied everything from “Project” into that box and it seemed to fix things.

Great. There is info which applies to the project as a whole and info which applies to individual flows.

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