Hello everyone!
I would like to purchase cubase artist 10 and open up old songs from cubase ver 3-5. can anyone help with this info?
Also, I am using a mac 2011 2.7 I5 with EL CAPITAN 10.11.6, would cubase 10 run on it?
Thank u for your help

Hi and welcome,

You can open all CPR files (made in Cubase SX/SE/SL 3, Cubase 5) in current Cubase.

At this moment, you can buy Cubase 10.5 license only (not older). Cubase 10.5 is not officially supported with macOS 10.11, same as Cubase 10.0. Cubase 9.5 was the last one, officially supported with macOS 10.11. With Cubase 10.5 license, you can install and start Cubase 10.0, Cubase 9.5, etc., too.

I would recommend to download Cubase Pro 10.5 (it’s the same installer and executable as Cubase 10.5 Artist) and try it out. Try if it does work at your system and try out, if you can open your files. Then you know for sure.