Old Flutes

42000 to 43000 years old!!!


Pretty cool, that’s vintage. I’ll bet you can’t get that sound out of modern ivory.

I just added them to my watch list on my ebay account. Waiting for one to pop up… it will be mine!

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A Stone Age bone flute was discovered near Stonehenge .
A replica was made , played at Stonehenge and recorded ;


( 2nd-to-last example , down the page )

An interesting story.
So music may have helped us survive as a species?!
I know it has helped me to keep my sanity. :sunglasses:

And some researchers have argued that music may have been one of a suite of behaviours displayed by our species which helped give them an edge over the Neanderthals - who went extinct in most parts of Europe 30,000 years ago.

Music could have played a role in the maintenance of larger social networks, which may have helped our species expand their territory at the expense of the more conservative Neanderthals.

  • 1 on the Lenny’s sanity comment.

I don’t know 'bout anyone else but… my old flute has done its part to keep my species going and I’m a Neanderthal. :wink:

Our species has been saved by whistle blowers

Interesting that the flutes pre-date agriculture. Just read a book in which the evolutionary basis for music was discussed (This Is Your Brain On Music by Daniel Leviton). I don’t want to spoil it for you, but basically it came down to this: getting girls. One interesting point he makes is, if it weren’t for the advent of modern contraception, Jimi Hendrix would likely have had hundreds or more offspring. He played guitar and sang, you’ll recall.