Old friends revisited

By way of introducing myself… When I first got into recording, a Portastudio was the height of home recording technology and to produce something halfway decent, you had to go to a small studio, which I did just the once, a place called Changes, where I recorded and mixed 4 tracks in a day, (I was good with pre-production and well rehearsed). My first encounter with Cubase was Cubase 2.0 on the Atari ST, later augmented with a Fostex R8 via an MTC-1, (which I still have somewhere). During that era, I re-recorded three of the Changes songs.

Then life intervened as it does and by the time I returned to Cubase, it was Cubase 4 in the era of the VST and, boy, had things changed. Where we had been limited by one reverb, one delay and one stereo compressor, now the amount of plug-ins you can use seemed limitless. (Yet, I can’t help but wonder if the limitations and limited amounts of the hardware back then didn’t make us concentrate on the music more, about which I’ve blogged - http://www.myspace.com/edmondspaul/blog.) Faced with quantum change, I found that most of the techniques I’d cultivated in the Atari era were inadequate or redundant, (and I was so good at editing tape - still got my splicing block), so I set about learning by doing, with my three old and by now familiar friends. Cubase 4 became Cubase 5 and 2010 became 2011 as I recorded, mixed and remixed them. Now, it’s time to unveil them for critical review. So, they wait for those of you kind enough to bother at http://soundcloud.com/smoking-pen/sets/changes-2011.

Paul Edmonds

Hiya Paul. Yikes, these are loud. The mixes sound limited to death, there’s no dynamic to the mixes. Try and come up with a master plan for each track. Start out loud(ish) then get quieter for the verses and build to the chorus, bring it down again, then build up. Try to integrate any solos into the mix rather than them sounding louder than anything else. Choose spots of special interest for the listener :sunglasses:

Dunno if you have any Wishbone Ash CDs (Argus is excellent) there but you could follow their mixes and see if you can copy that style. Just makes things more interesting :sunglasses:


Nice, I like the style and songs, but as Philter pointed out, you definately squashed the sound too much