Old HP z820 or new Ryzen 7 for Cubase DAW?

Hi guys,

My first post here.
I’m about to set up a machine for Cubase. I’m an amateur musician recording my own stuff and sometimes gigging with the band. I’m using UR22 mkII to feed midi kbd, guitars and mic into Cubase. My projects will probably never exceed 50 tracks, and won’t be super heavy on plugins.

I wanted to set up a new daw around ryzen 3600 or 3700x, tomahawk b450 mobo, 32gb 3200 ram, and some m2 ssd, probably crucial P1, and some passive gpu, probably something like Gt 710. Plus case and power supply, all around 1000, 1100 EUR

But just as I was about to purchase these parts, I saw an offer for an 4 years old Hp z820 ws.
2x Intel Xeon E5 2643 v2 3.5 GHz
32 GB DDR3
600 GB HDD
nVidia Quadro K4000 3 GB

For about 800 EUR.

I see some people here using such daws, so I don’t feel like I’m asking a stupid question hopefully :slight_smile: my main concern is compatibility with future apps, I wouldn’t want to change machine in 3, 4 years again. Also I heard that they can be pretty loud with that Quadro gpu.

Finally, if I go for ryzen, and considering my needs, I feel like 3700x might be a bit of an overkill?

Many thanks in advance