Old Lane Behaviour

I saw elsewhere on this forum that the “former LANE behavior” was coming back. Is it back yet, did I miss it somewhere?

The old lane behaviour is so much better than the comping they offer now. Or, am I just bound to go back to Cubase 5?



No, the old lane behavior isn’t back.
They did, however, improve Cubase 6’s comping in Cubase 6.5
Purchase the upgrade.

Granted, people say Cubase 6.5’s comping is like the old way.

I did buy the upgrade. I do not like the comping. It cuts parts up instead of just letting one be in front (under) of the one behind it.

Want it back the way it was.


You’re running 6.5?

Yes, I am running 6.5.



What does
+11111111 etc mean?

Means he supports the comment made by that much. I don’t know how the old comp behavior worked pre-Cubase 6.0.3, since that’s when I got on-board. But I can say that I do like the new comp behavior in 6.5 MUCH better. The Comp Tool is a great idea and works well in conjunction with the other tools. IOW, it doesn’t feel redundant. Maybe you just need to play with it a little more and see if you like the change once you’ve given it a fair run. Don’t forget to watch the comp videos to help you understand how the new tool works.

Good Luck!

You mention to watch the videos. Where do I find these videos?

It’s on Steinberg’s youtube channel


I am just getting into this now, having just upgraded to 6.5.0. Nice vid, thanks for pointing to it, Shinta215!

Quick question - I haven’t found a way to color code each individual take in a Lane differently … they’re all the same. Anyone know how to do that?