Old (legacy) Nuendo plugins?


I often have projects featuring those oldie but goody plugins - Double Delay and stuff… But Halion One as well!

Regarding Halion One - I know that on one of my Nuendo DVDs I have a 64bit version which I can install (still have to do it on my new system) - but whats with all those old 32bit plugins?

I surely can copy them from my old 32bit vst plugin folder to my new 64bit folder and they might work - but are there any 64bit versions out? I usually have quite a lot of issues with the Steinberg bridge, I exclusively use jBridge instead…

Thanks for any hint!

You can run the 32bit version of Nuendo in a 64bit OS.
I haven’t used the various bridges at all.
Too many people reporting crashes to even mess with it imo.

Why should I use the 32bit Nuendo? I moved completely to 64bit since a while an on my current system I have not installed any 32bit software… Execept some old plugins which are running via jBridge…

So I will try to use the old 32bit plugins in 64 - maybe it will work… Avoiding them in new projects but beeing able to acess older projects…

Why should I use the 32bit Nuendo?

Because it is the easiest, least crash infested way to deal with
old projects that use old 32bit plugins.

Have fun.

Ahh sorry - I missunderstood! Yes of course ! You are very right! I will even set up my old DAW in a “vintage” way - having UAD1 Cards and all those legacy Plugins on it - of course 32 bit… Just for fun - and for opening old stuff 100% total recall.

But in my deepest heart I am still hoping to be able to run some of my fave “oldschool” Nuendo-Plugins in my current setup…

Agreed on the plugins! I recently purchased a new computer, so installing the old plugins was a mild adventure which could easily be avoided with an option to install “legacy plugins”.

I miss some of the old Steinberg plugins too (Tonic) but the Massey VST bundle was the main reason I installed the 32 Bit Version of Nuendo. I’ve been opening those projects in 32bit and exporting whatever tracks use the plugs in question. Then opening and finishing in 64bit.
Bit of a hassle but worth it IMO.

I still use some of the old VST’s in n6. I coppied the vst plugins from an N4 32 bit install to the 64 bit vst folder. Not all of them work from 3rd party vendor’s but most of the Steinberg plugs work.
I still use the old multi band compressor as the new one doesn’t expand and compress.
The plugs that don’t work I just delete the .dll
I haven’t tried vst instraments though.
I’m not too sure about the bridge but it seems to work just fine.
I’ve notist that my old waves plugins don’t work.
And then I just make folders in the vst folder to organise them in the plugin dropdown menu.