Old Licence of Cubase 7.5

Hi there,
Recently i upgraded my old Cubase 7.5 (Boxed) to 9.5 Pro ( Download via Steinberg ).
Can i install the old version with a new usb licenser to an another PC?

Note: The new version of 9.5 Pro runs in the studio where i record, mix, Master.

Thank you,
Waiting for your Response.

If you bought a 2 nd full license - yes. If you bought an update - No

I don’t know, even is you bought an upgrade you’re still allowed so many installations, 3? or 5?

And you can install any earlier version, like if you needed 3.1 etc.? Right?


Yes, but it will not run with simply a new USB elicenser, if there is not a 2nd (full) license on it

Since cubase runs with a dongle you can have the 3 installations but can only use one at a time, you have to carry the dongle with you to the other machines.

Is that right?

That is exactly right.

I just saw the messages.
Yes i updated from 7.5 to 9.5 Pro, i did’t purchase a second license. I bought a new usb Licenser to
try if i could install to my old pc the old version but the message of wrong serial number appears.
That’s ok for now.

Thank you very much.