Old Licences Needed

I have just updated from Cubase 5 to Cubase 6.

Prior to the update my dongle also had licences for SX2 SX3 and Cubase 4.
Is there any way I can get at least one of these licences back on my dongle?

I had been using these older versions for creating midi parts with Virtual Guitarist on an old laptop running XP and then exporting audio files to Cubase 5, (and I had hoped to Cubase 6.)
I find VG invaluable, unbeatable for my needs. Any help appreciated.


It seems, you have not even tried to open the old versions yet…!? So why not try first, then see if you really got a prüblem, then post…!?
Or what is actually you problem / question…? And what does VG have to do with your C6 update…?

VG will not work on Cubase 6…so I normally work VG on previous versions mentioned. …

My previous versions, for eg Cubase 4 will not fire up because my dongle no longer has the licence since upgrading.

I’m only asking around if I can obtain licenses for the versions mentioned in my post…like trying to describe a spiral staircase without moving your hands…but simple really …


A C6 (full) license should start C5, C4, SX3, SX 2, SX1. If it doesn´t in your case, try the lateset e-license software.

Did that…only showing cubase 6

It doesn´t matter, what it shows, as I asked already, did you try it…? A C6 license can open all prevoius versions…

Yep …I tried it…

Then something´s not right on your system…

You were right…my faithfull old laptop had syncrosoft as it’s licence ‘prover’…laptop has never been on line in it’s 6 years of life …so had much updating to do…anyway…
I have the midi tracks I need on cubase 4 , but alas these are locked and for the life in me i cannot unlock them…the unlock command is greyed out in the edit menu…more help please

…the purpose of all this is to transpose some Virtual Guitar parts and convert them to audio and then to export them to a Cubase 6 project…Virtual Guitar does not work with anything other than XP


Got it …they were frozen…sorry …but what fun