Old mail / registration problem


Firstly I’m sorry about my English. I’m using cubase 10 and I can not register my product on my steinberg. When I try, it says “This eLicenser number has already been registered by another user.”

I’m using Cubase about 15-16 years. Probably I registered my product with my very very old mail which I can not reach that mail anymore.

Is there any chance to register my product on my actual account?

Thanks a lot.

This is just a forum, where users help each other. – So you’ll probably have to contact Steinberg support.

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which version do you use? Pro / Artist / Elements …?
If you use Pro or Artist, there should be a USB eLicenser on which Cubase has been activated with your number.

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Thanks for your help, I use Pro, cubase is activated on my eLicenser of course, but I can not register my product on MySteinberg because of this old mail problem which I mentioned.

Hi @ezoterik , I hadn’t understood before what you mean by “my product”. Now it’s clear, you want to register your USB eLicenser to your current account. The eLicenser is obviously registered on a previous account of yours, into which you can no longer log in. So far right?
As already recommended here, call Steinberg Support (an email is usually not answered immediately), they will surely help you.

Yes! Totally true, this is my problem. I’m sorry about my English again, thanks for understanding. I’ll try to call Steinberg support. Thanks.