Old Midi files

Hi all,

I have some old midi files of my Dad’s from way back, which he made using Cubase 3. I use cubase 10, and everytime I try to import the midi files into cubase it doesn’t respond… does anyone know how I can get them to work? Has midi changed since then?

They’re rather precious files of his, so it would be really awesome if someone knew how I could get them to work :slight_smile:


MIDI hasn’t changed, are you sure they’re MIDI and not .all or .arr files?

Aloha elijahcrouch1,

Perhaps you could try a different tool to determine if those files from your dad
are truly MIDI files at all.

In my case to quickly launch and audition old MIDI files
I use a free programme called VLC.

It is mainly a movie player but it will play .mid files very quickly.

I’m on Mac but I’m sure there are many similar tools like VLC for PC users.
(maybe there is even a PC version of VLC itself).


VLC is also for PC.

Maybe they are not actually .mid files, but Cubase project files in an old format: .arr or .all ?

In which case it 's a fairly convuluted process to open them into a newer version of Cubase.

You have to open the .all file in Cubase SX3 (last version to support this format) then save it as a .cpr file (the current project file format). Then you can open the .cpr file in C10.

Your C10 licence should allow you to run SX3, which is available as a free download on the Steinberg site.