Old NPR files to Cubase 7?

Help, I have a heap of sessions built in nuendo 4 that were on an old computer under an old band member licence. I cannot find any data on it.

The old .npr files will not open in cubase elements 7 - Is there any way I can convert them?

If I get the latest nuendo version installed under trial licence, will I be able to open the old sessions and save them cubase friendly?

You might try renaming the extension to “cpr.” We sometimes shuttle sessions back and forth between Nuendo and Cubase here, but mostly the other way (Cubase to Nuendo).

Maybe Cubase Elements can not open npr files?

Using the Nuendo demo might help - or you send those files to someone who can convert. Maybe it is possible without transfering the audio… I have a system with Nuendo4 - if nothing helps I can open the nprs there and save as cprs… these should work fine in C Elements7…

I believe, exchange of cpr and npr files only works between Cubase (the max version, not Artist nor Essential) and Nuendo.

Hope this helps.