Old plug-in name vs new plug-in name

Two examples:

I have an old project in which of the three “Spire” one lead is made.
Now I have a new version of Spire (Cubase shows it as “Spire 1.1”) and Cubase shows “!!! Spire !!!” and the channel is empty.

Second example: I used to work with x32 plugins, and now Cubase does not work with this. Therefore, it is the same with many x64 plugins, because they are displayed as “Name x64” and many tracks in old projects are empty, because in old projects this plugin did not have x64 (or x32) written - Cubase does not understand that this is the SAME plugin as the x32 version.

You’d have to install the old versions and and load the project. Copy the sounds across to new versions. Save… Now load in new Cubase.

I had to do similar when kontakt went up a version number, didn’t want the old one installed… Same thing happens with iZotope oZone, i have to have 7 and 8 installed.

Yes, my friend, thank you. I still do so, but this is not a great option, yes?
You need to have a whole bunch of versions, instead of having one.
And this does not solve the problem with x64 plugins, because Serum (for example) has the name “Serum x64”, and x32 has the usual name “Serum”.
And I can’t use x32 plugins. So I need to install old vsti versions and the previous version of Cubase.
And so: you need to have Serum 1.1, Serum x64, as well as a bunch of other various versions of plug-ins. In other sequencers, this problem is solved.