Old plug-ins in N5.5?

I’ve been going through some old projects recently and have become frustrated that many of them have issues in the mix because plug-ins from older N2.2 no longer exist in N5.5. I thought I could remedy this by installing N2 - but the OS X installer for N2 is only for PowerPC Macs - which don’t exist anymore. It would be nice if I could just download the older plug-ins and use them as-is - but I didn’t see any where, or any way, to do that. The only solution seems to be starting from scratch with new plug-ins. How does everyone else deal with this?

Gradually upgrading and following the technical evolution.


Hello under,

A constant challenge. In your case the PPC plugs won’t work on anything newish anyway since Rosetta went away. As Fredo saliently said, gradually keeping pace is the only way to keep up. The concept of purchasing an audio device that “just works” and you keep for a number of years almost doesn’t exist. With the inability to downgrade new Apple computers to former OSs it becomes even more painful. When the new Mac trashcan was announced one of our colleagues purchased a dozen top of the line old MacPros just because.
You’ll never get the same results as your old plugs, you’ll just have to approximate, you may find something better.
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