Old project doesn't load the right plugins

Hey all,

I have something that I noticed a few times already and never had the power to fix (so far). I’m hoping to find some knowledge here to help me fix this.

I’m trying to open an old Cubase Project of about 5 years ago. The loading is not the problem, but a lot of plugins aren’t found, because I installed newer versions of that plugin and they have changed it’s name or it is now 64-bit, instead of 32-bit.

Is there a way to still load the project WITH the right plugins, so I can continue working on it? Most of the times, the name of the plugin has changed (like adding a _x64 behind it). And to make matters worse… sometimes I’ve used jBridge (still installed) and it doesn’t see the right plugins, even with the same name.

I’d like to continue working on a project, instead of fixing it.

I hope somebody knows a way?! Thanks!

It’s up to the plugin author to provide an identifier for the plugin, and to maintain that identifier across versions. If a new version doesn’t employ the same identifier as the old, that might indicate an incompatibility that would prevent you from using the new one in place of the old.

Thanks for that! I did, however, fix the problem by installing the VST2 version of the plugin in 64-bit. It appears that one has a different CID/PID (or whatever is the name for that).