Old Project

I’m going to re-do an old project.
Is it best just to use the old project or open a new project and import the tracks from the old project ?

Try it and tell us… :unamused:

Personally I’d just copy the entire folder and rename it. Then open the project and rename the cpr file too, that way you’ll never be confused about mistakenly working on the original.

I certainly wouldn’t just work on the old one without having made a back-up copy at least.
Personally, I find importing tracks in this sort of situation more trouble than it’s worth.

I have made back ups.
I just wondered if things did import OK and whether working on a Cubase SX 3 file in 9.5 would cause quality problems.
Now we all know it shouldn’t don’t we.

I have quite often used SX files (which themselves were from older .all files) in new versions of Cubase without any issue.
FWIW, I’d think errors were more likely on importing tracks than opening projects…both human and machine!

Thanks I may rebuild the whole track again anyway.
I do like the track presets on the templates when you open a new project.