Old Projects Will not Load

Windows 10 2004 updated on 4th of October , just bought Cubase Pro 10.5.20 upgrade from 8.5.

I cant load heavily old projects. Does this have something to do with maximum plugin slots? I thought this was fixed with this release.

My guess is that it is a plugin that causes the issue. It could be that the Windows update broke some plugin that now needs to be updated. Can you still load the project in Cubase 8.5?
It could also be that you are using some 32bit plugins. 32bit plugins can no longer be used in Cubase since version 9.
What happens when you load a project in version 10.5? Does it just crash?

More info is needed.

Well i had the same problem with version 8.5 thats why i upgraded in the first place hahaha.

I have now converted all 32bit plugins with jbridge. I checked them one by one and all of them works perfect.

But i still cant open old heavily projects. Ill keep track on new ones…