Old Request, insert plugging Gui


I hate the 3 way click on the plugin insert: bypass; edit; Select insert
Is there any workaround regarding this mixer feature on the preferences?
Im having trouble with my workflow since N6.5, with the edit Click/Window, and no, enlarge the insert box doesn’t do much for me since I have large projects and use multiple monitors. It used to be so fluid with the click-on to Edit, and alt/option key for other actions.


Lowering your mouse sensitivity a bit should make it much easier to aim for the middle (edit) button. It can take a day or two to get fully used to but it will make it easier to click on what you want without having to think much about it.

Hi, thanks for the reply!

But that doesn’t help at all. Ive been working like that since V6 through 7, and now waiting for that horrible two row timeline ruler on V8 to get addressed, for moving on my workflow to V8. If that doesn’t happen, hello Pro Tools! Its been a while…
The thing is, these little changes just killed the workflow for me since V5, and im using Nuendo on a Professional context since V3, maybe now its time to change, they incorporate so many useful Tools, and little things like these are completely useless and non logical.
They seem to take the same approach in these little things as they do with Cubase, but the difference is, in my opinion, Nuendo needs a faster workflow than Cubase. Im not here composing and recording music without deadlines, I have restricted deadlines and those little changes are getting in the way.


Cubase 9.5 has improved the insert power/bypass issues that were introduced in Nuendo 7.1.