Old Reverence presets (from C7) crashing Cubase 9.5

I’m opening projects (created in Cubase 7) in my newly installed Cubase 9.5, and it’s crashing due to the old custom Reverence presets (with imported impulse response IR files) I had set up in the old C7 project. (In C7, I used Reverence’s “import” (ir files) and “store” buttons and created new folders and presets in the REVerence window.)

Doing some testing, when I moved my custom Ir wave files on my computer, C9.5 allows the project to open, and thus asks me for the location of the ir wave file (which I give it), and it opens the reverence preset just fine in the opened project. But when I reopen the project later, it crashes again.

In C9.5, If I load a new instance of Reverence, and load an old preset, works fine as well. Seems C9.5 doesn’t like recalling a (old C7) loaded instance of REVerence, with a custom ir file.

My Ir wave files are located on my hard drive in a non Steinberg folder, but the custom Reverence presets are in the proper place (C:\Users\myname\Documents\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies\REVerence). I tried refreshing these locations in the C 9.5 Media Bay to no avail.

Any way to get C9 to recognize my old REverence Ir presets (and their associated ir files)???


Could you share the crash dump located in Documents/Steinberg/crash dumps, please? Could you also share at least one of the preset to be able to reproduce it?

Here’s a couple of the crash dumps.
Cubase 64bit 2018.7.17 10.38.dmp (956 KB)
Cubase 64bit 2018.7.17 10.48.dmp (1010 KB)
Cubase 64bit 2018.7.17 11.20.dmp (1.03 MB)

You won’t be able to reproduce the problem with a preset because when I load an old reverence preset in a new c9 project the preset works fine, and the project reopens fine. The problem only happens when I open a project in c9, that was created in c7 with an old reverence preset and ir file.

A bit of a correction. Looks like using an old Reverence presets is actually causing problems in a new C9.5 project as well. I was thinking it worked but it crashes on both the old and new projects (that have old presets loaded).

… another helpful hint. If I load old modified versions of existing Reverence presets (tweaked C7 Reverence presets that have their own Cubase’s IR files), those old presets work fine. Seems like this proves that my own old custom presets that I made in C7 are problematic due to their associated IR file extensions (located on the C drive in a random folder). C9 can’t find the files and it crashes.

I see that the IR impulses that I created were using 96k sample rate - which worked in C7 but not in C9.5.

Reverence in Cubase 9.5 can’t handle 96k sample rate Impulse wav files???


The crashes are all the same, in Reverence. I just reported it to Steinberg (CAN-16641).