Old school Cubase "innovator"

Hi Cubasers, I just signed up even though I have known Cubase for a very long time. Since the late 80’s on my Atari ST FM. I made a few intro’s on my synths back then for a couple of well known bands and even trained musicians and studios in the use of Cubase back in the days. Thought I would introduce myself and make a little notice in here :slight_smile:

I wrote a short article (in Danish) for those who might be interested in sharing a few stories from the days were “gran-pa” was the real deal :slight_smile:

English translation by google

Back in the 80’s came Steinberg’s first version of Cubase

As a musician in the 80s, and not least keyboard player, this amazing product appeared in the 80s. I already had an Atari STFM 2014 which I used both to work on but also to run a BBS (Bulletin board service).

The first time I saw Cubase was at my local music retailer, where I saw it being demonstrated in the store.

I was quite impressed with how easy it was to access and immediately bought a nice box with both manual, diskettes and a key you had to put in your computer for it to work.

Used for intros with famous bands
By the way, when intros with the cool synth sounds became popular, I made a lot of intros for bands.

The cool thing about this was that I could use Atari’s built-in MIDI ports to run my sequencer intros from all my synthesizers / keyboards. I could also control drum machines and in general everything with MIDI input in.

I still have an old Atari lying around, and plan to take them out again on occasion to see if it still works.

Cubase training
It took some time to get to know it all. For example, there was a detail like groove which was really bold, so things did not always become stringy and too precise. Especially with drum machine / drum tracks could vary groove so hihat, pelvises were not always completely 100% accurate and this then created a very natural groove.

I have spent really many hours on Cubase, and was also involved in training a number of musicians and studios so they got the most out of the program.

Today, over 30 years later, I still remember Cubase as a cherished memory, which gave me many enjoyable hours producing a sea of ​​interesting things.

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