Old School Question: Rebirth/CubaseVST 4.1 Mac into 7

Here’s a question for the old timers here.

I know at one point I used Mac Cubase VST 4.1 / OS9 with Rebirth 2.0.1 and exported the rebirth sound into tracks in Cubase. I remember that when you did it, you got one track for each sound as indicated in the Rewire panel. I have a project that I did this with.

I booted up my old OS9 machine to work on a old Cubase/Rebirth project (which I’m going to eventually bring into 7) but could only figure out exporting one track at a time. I remember finding the instructions on how to do this way back when (in Future Music Mag ?) but can’t find any trace via Google.

Anyone remember how to do this?

Long shot I know