Old School Question: Rebirth/CubaseVST 4.1 Mac

Here’s a question for the old timers here.

I know at one point I used Mac Cubase VST 4.1 / OS9 with Rebirth 2.0.1 and exported the rebirth sound into tracks in Cubase. I remember that when you did it, you got one track for each sound as indicated in the Rewire panel. I have a project that I did this with.

I booted up my old OS9 machine to work on a old Cubase/Rebirth project (which I’m going to eventually bring into 7) but could only figure out exporting one track at a time. I remember finding the instructions on how to do this way back when (in Future Music Mag ?) but can’t find any trace via Google.

Anyone remember how to do this?