Old Steinberg VST instruments with Cubase 7.5 64bit

Hi folks,

I have tried to find some answers in the forums but I am actually getting more confused. I am in the process of upgrading most of my music Hard & Software. New PC, Cubase 7.5, NI Komplete UIltimate, Sibelius 7.5.

All I want to know is if my old Steinberg VSTs ‘Groove Agent 1’, ‘Halion2’, ‘Virtual Guitarist’, and ‘Grand1’ will work with Cubase 7.5 64bit.

I am new to the forum so please excuse me if I have missed an earlier answer to this. By the way Cubase & NI products are shipping and the PC is still being built so I am pe-empting any problems.

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Jeff Wraight

You should be able to use them with the VST Bridge. I’m not sure how it works on the PC, but on the Mac the Bridge is a piece of junk. In order to edit any parameter you need to:

  1. Stop Cubase playing (or go to step 2 and Cubase automatically stops).
  2. Double-click on the plug-ins mini-interface.
  3. Make your edit
  4. “close” the plug-ins full interface
  5. Start Cubase playing

If your not satisfied with your edit, you need to go through the entire procedure again.

This is too unwieldy to be of any use, in the long run. My advice is; Upgrade those plug-ins that are available in 64-bit and throw away the rest (this is what I have done). This is true for effects as well as instruments.

Or you could run Cubase in 32-bit mode and everything will be business as usual.

Thanks for that Svenne,
As I am waiting for the NI Komplete Ultimate package to arrive, I will wait & see if there are any alternatives to the Steinberg ones before I upgrade them. To be honest I have a great selection of pianos in my Nord Stage2 88, so I can forget about the Steinberg latest Grand. So it only leaves the other 3 oldies to decide on. I expect all will become much clearer when all the gear actually arrives. lol,
Best wishes

Your NI Komplete Ultimate package contains libraries and programs that runs rings around any of the Steinberg instruments you have (maybe with the exception of Virtual Guitarist). If I we’re you I’d hold off on upgrading anything until I’ve checked out what what the NI package brings to the table. Sorry Stiney, but that’s the cruel truth. :wink:

Forget Halion! NI Komplete gives you the industry standard sampler: Kontakt. Steinberg no longer sells Virtual Guitarist. You might want to check out one of these as an alternative:

Thanks again Svenne. You are very helpful. I had a feeling the NI package would have some better alternatives. I am upgrading from Komplete 2 so have some experience of NI’s quality. It’s just about waiting for the postman at the moment. lol.
Best wishes