old steinberg VST Vocoder and that gramophone !

i have cubase 7.5 and i miss those 2 plugins…
there used to be some gramophone like vst(grangular ? dont remember the name) it used to be make audio old and noisy.

also there was an old vocoder that worked well for some applications… are those plugins downloadable ?

You can find the vocoder (32-bit only) here at the Steinberg FTP site. Some other plugs there, but not sure about the gramophone thing.


The gramophone thing I think you mean is probably the Grungelizer which is still included.

its there indeed !(didn’t realize it was inside distortion folder)
isnt that noise sweet ? or not !! :wink:


Having spent many hours over the years digitally removing this kind of noise from old vinyl recordings I’m afraid I can’t share your predilection for the effect.