Old tracks get stuck in recording state and give "audio dropout" message; new tracks record fine

Hi everyone -

I’ve been having an issue with recording. After doing a bunch of work in my session, when I hit record, the track appears to be recording, but when I hit “stop”, the track stays red, as if it’s still recording. I need to click the track arm button to force it to exit the recording state, and then I get an error message. HOWEVER, a freshly created track records just fine.

  1. Old track had inserts on it, but even after removing the inserts I get the same issue
  2. Old track does have Melodyne 4 ARA active as an extension.

Attaching a video to demonstrate what is happening. Any suggestions?



There is your answer.

OK, so is this “normal” behavior for melodyne in ARA? Is there a workaround?

Not sure, but think it’s a bug. I haven’t really used ARA that much and only for post production.