Old versions and Windows 10

I have an old version of Wavelab 3 which I bought update to Wavelab 4. When the XP recently died, I bought both a new XP and a 8.1 laptop, both Dell. While Wavelab installed on both, it refuses to record anything from a streaming channel. I can still edit CD imports. I figure that this has to do with a different soundcard hardware built into Dells.

But I see no option to upgrade from v3/4 to current Wavelab. That is issue one. Am I just screwed and unable to get an upgrade price?

Issue two: Windows 8.1 is about to self-upgrade to Windows 10 on July 29. Will even the latest greatest Wavelab even operate in Windows 10?

I do not want to spend $500 on something that I feel I should get an upgrade price on, especially if it dow not even work in Windows 10.

And - what is with zero support for the USA, from the website?

Hi and welcome to the forum. This here is essentially a user-to-user support group (although Philip himself is an active member) so your query would best be dealt with by Steinberg sales … if you don’t already have an account, sign up at My Steinberg and you’ll have access to direct online support there. Confusing I know, but you get used to it …

You could also consider the excellent WaveLab Elements 8 if you don’t need all the capabilities of the full version … I use both, Elements for the travelling laptop, and I think it’s fantastic value and can always be upgraded. You can buy it as a download and you don’t need a USB eLicenser to run it (I’m assuming you don’t have one) so the whole process can be done online. It would then be tied to one computer but if and when you do acquire a USB eLicenser it can be transferred permanently to it and used on any computer. You’ll also need the USB eLicenser for the full version, should you decide to upgrade.

By the way, Windows 8.1 wont’ “self-upgrade to Windows 10” … you can say no! At the moment, Steinberg do not support any OS that hasn’t been released yet (not surprisingly) so most of us certainly won’t be upgrading for quite a while, I’d imagine.

Actually I was wrong, I went from v4 to v5. But only v7 and up is eligible as an upgrade, which sucks for people who already spent a lot of money on Wavelab.

Regarding Windows - it does offer the OPTION to self-upgrade, for free, if you sign up for it before July 29 via a windows icon on the 8.1 screen. And I know people already using BETA 10. I see nothing wrong with moving forward. I do see something wrong with extremely expensive software (Cubase, Wavelab) that cannot be bothered to roll out a compatible version is any OS. It is the nature of the OS to upgrade. How long will it take for Steinberg to catch up? And why do they not even offer USA support any more?

As an existing customer you can sign up at My Steinberg and create a support request asking those questions directly of Steinberg yourself. As far as I know from what others have reported here, the Steinberg sales team usually find some way to offer agreeable options.

By the way, I do appreciate your quick reply and understand you are not responsible for the product itself. I am just venting and hoping for an answer. I do have the USB eLicensor for my XP version of Cubase, but I am going to guess that this is not going to work with anything current. I love Wavelab for mastering. Just sucks there is no actual USA support for it and no matter what, we end up spending hundreds of dollars down the road to keep it current. Thank you for your effort and info! Mark Robbins

You might want to try the Wavelab Elements demo, or full version demo (full version demo requires your elicenser I think) to see if the new version will do what you want out of the box. I’ve never tried recording streaming (I guess you’re talking about playback from youtube, itunes, internet radio and the like (?), using built in audio on a laptop, but if it can’t be routed and configured to work with Wavelab 4 or 5 using the existing hardware, I don’t see why it will necessarily work with Wavelab 8 without the same configuration.