Old versus new USB-elicenser

Just in case, for users who often get error messages while starting Dorico and are using the OLD (longer, ca. 4cm) USB-elicenser, I want to share my experiences here with changing to the NEW (shorter, ca 2cm) USB-elicenser. My computer is an iMac i7 early 2011 running macOS 10.13.6

With Dorico 1 there were few, but with Dorico 2 there where more and more cases with USB-elicenser related error messages, mostly when starting the program but also when waking up the computer from sleeping mode.
Dorico 3 brought a 50/50 lottery chance that Dorico would start hassle free. Half of the time I had to force quit Dorico or the elicenser-control-center and restart the computer to get to work.

Unfortunately, I do not remember where I read the information but one user here or on FB reported that the old USB-elicenser doesn’t work well with Dorico. I did not know if that was true but fortunately I gave it a try.

The first thing I noticed was that Dorico starts up MUCH quicker and without this thinking break “should I or should i not start”. It’s one months now that I use the new USB-key and starting Dorico is hassle free now, no USB-elicenser related error messages since!

As I said, just in case…

Question: suppose I could acquire a new USB licenser, how would I transfer the license from old to new, as putting it on the USB was meant to be irreversible? Hoe does it work now, if, say, the dongle is broken?
BTW, my Dorico 3 also fails to see the USB licenser on startup from time to time, which is minor nuisance, it mostly works at the second try.
Not at computer right now, so I can’t check if mine is 2 or 4 cm (is that including the socket part?)

You plug both dongles into the same computer. You can then drag and drop the license from one dongle to the other, from with eLicenser Control Center. It’s not the action of putting the license on the dongle which is irreversible; it’s transferring the license from the computer that’s irreversible.

Thanks for clarifying, Leo.

The length I mentioned is only for the blue plastic enclosure, without the socket.
As Leo already mentioned, transfering the license is only a few mouse clicks and you are done.