Old virtual instruments in Cubase 10


I have been using Cubase 7 for a long time. I would like to upgrade to version 10.

I have a lot of projects which used Steinberg ‘Hypersonic’ and IK Multimedia ‘Sampletank’

If I opened one of these old projects in Cubase 10, will these two still work?

Also, if I upgrade will my current dongle still be used?

Thanks for any help.


Download the Demo and see

Your Dongle should be fine


Plus… it would definitely depend on what version of Cubase 7 and Sampletank is installed. Meaning, if you installed the 64 bit versions then they probably would work. If 32bit install… they won’t work.

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If they are indeed 32bit, and hypersonic is. Then you will need jbridge to make it work in C10.

The fallback workaround is to keep C7 on your system and use it to open the old Project. Then for any Tracks with VSTi’s of concern (or all of 'em) render to audio. Then use that audio in C10 instead of the VSTi. You will loose the ability to change the melody etc. without rendering again - which is one reason you want to keep C7 around.

FYI you should be able to open Projects back & forth between 7 & 10 just fine, although of course each version can only access the features it supports.

I can’t tell what platform the OP is on (helps if you add key info like this to your forum signature)…but if you’re on a Mac, you can definately use Hypersonic 2 and Sampletank 2 (both 32 bit) with 32 Lives or as Vinark states, jBridge. I use 32 Lives and they both work fine.

Thanks all for your replies.
As suggested I have downloaded the trial version of C10 and I’m pleased that my C7 version still works!
HOWEVER ……… even though I have also downloaded Halion Sonic SE and Grand Piano they don’t appear when I try to access them via “Add Track”. All I see is Loopmash, Mystic, Prologue and Spectre along with a message saying “No VST instrument”.

C7 was a lot more basic and the commands were different!

Can anyone help me to find Halion and Grand Piano please ………?


I’ve contacted Steinberg support concerning a similar problem.

They answered that Hypersonic is only supported until Cubase 8.5 and as I own a full Halion/HalionSonic licence they sent me a dl link to reinstall Hypersonic and work my old projects with Cubase 8.5.

Without such a licence there is no way to re-install.