Old Vynil effect

Hi everybody,
I’d love to obtain a more realistic 78rpm effect from the intro of my song.
I’ve just toyed around with Grungelizer and Izotope Vynil but the effect it’s barely acceptable. I think I’ve got to deal better with EQ.
What are the suggestion you propose for equalization? I’ve tried a Gauss like EQ but it still lacks something.

Thanks to every kind reply.

Riccardo Santato

Would a “telephone” eq help? I think that might be high and low cut, IIRC.

You could try routing that channel out into an old crappy speaker and then mic that up… done that a few times and it works a treat!
I’m working on a track using the Vinyl plugin at the moment and i’ve found you need to compress the crap out of it and use a fair bit of EQ too to get the right results… a tube saturation plugin can help too!