Old Waves plugs not working properly with WL7


Windows XP SP3 Pentium Quad core 3Ghz 2Gb RAM dual monitors not that it matters.

The basic problem is all my old Waves 3.2 DX Renaissance Collection plugs are not working smoothly with WL7. They all worked perfect in WL6. In WL7 all my Waves plugs work fine, except the Renaissance Collection. If this is an update issue for the Renaissance Collection I might as well start over because I’ve been using these before WUP existed.

When I start playing any file with any of the Waves 3.2 DX Renaissance collection, and then use my keyboard to stop, Wavelab7 freezes up. The VU meter, spectro scope, bit meter, and phase scope all freeze for about 2 seconds then release and go to zero. If I don’t wait for them to release and click on anything else, the program freezes up usually permanently.

If I don’t use my keyboard, but instead use the mouse to click stop in WL, everything works fine. Wavelab doesn’t freeze, and all the meters go to zero immediately. Therefore I think this has something to do with the new code in WL7, my keyboard, and Waves?

Please no jokes about my old Waves tools. They have earned their money many times over.

No one else has experienced this problem?