older cpr files compatibility with cubase pro 9

Hi…simple question… my friend has cubase 7 and I have cubase pro 9… I am wondering if the older cubase 7 cpr files are compatible with my cubase pro 9?..Since the quality of sound in my version is superior then in his…they are mostly midi files (instruments) in which we both have the same vst’s except mine are 64 bit and his are 32 bit…thank you

For me CB 7 and CB 9 projects files are fully compatible.

As for CB9 sounding better… I suppose it does. Maybe from improved VSTS? I don’t think the actual CB sound engine has changed between these two versions. Hopefully someone will chime in to clarify that.

Latest compatibility chart I could find:


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No sound is the same, it’s the same 32bit float engine. Some plugins have improved, the channel EQ got different algo’s at some point.
I have no problem opening Cubase 7.5 or even older projects, besides from a few missing plugins.

Just opened a project that I’d just imported into Cubase SX as it had previously been in the old .ALL format from the VST24 version. Works just fine. I think I’ve even managed to bring in old Atari ST projects in the past (via SX).

The way old projects open so nicely is one thing I really like.