Older library expression/technique maps needed

there are a lot of PDF files in the “documentation” directory. can you think of one specifically?
Xsample_Chamber_Ensemble.pdf (622.4 KB)

That’s the one and same as I used… Then I’m out of ideas… Still sounds to me like you didn’t apply the xmap, but…

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Well, I’m really sorry I wasted your time… it seems that my copies of XSamples and the two Garritan libraries I wanted to use, are not “registered”. And since they’re so old, there’s no way to register them anymore.

It looks like I’m going to be stuck buying a newer, more recent library.

I guess it’s time to buy the latest XSamples version.
Not like I can afford it at this time.

No worries, I swim in these waters all the time :blush: and enjoy refreshing my own grey cells.

If you own(ed) a license I think it can be reactivated/installed thru Native Access…

I’ll check out their native/nonKontakt version in due course… It’s probably just another revamp, but who knows…

Puzzling that they haven’t come up with their own Dorico kit by now. I see finale, sibelius, notion and cubase…

I tried going through Native access, but it tells me I have installed a “demo” of the two Garritans, and of XSamples. And there seems to be no place to update that license from demo to full user.

I tried adding the serial code, but it said that the code I was trying to use was already in use.

So screw this, too much annoyance for me.

All I want is to have a decent sounding solo string (violin/viola/cello/contrabass) to use in a few of my works for those instruments or in chamber works.
I’ll happily settle for Noteperformer for the orchestra parts or the woodwinds and brass.

I can’t even get Vienna SE (I purchased a very basic “volume 1” version of the SE Synchron library) to work. it just plays everything détachez, and with no dynamics.
Either there’s something wrong with my computer, or I’m using the wrong expression map, or I’m a complete imbecile.

This indicates that you either haven’t downloaded and installed VSL’s software for Dorico. This is a simple and automated process… and/or you haven’t done PLAY>PLAYBACK TEMPLATE… and applied the VSL Syzd Special Edition Vol. 1 playback template to your file.

There are some idiosyncrasies in the VSL maps (that was discussed in another recent thread) but the basics should work fine. (I think it’s fair to assume that whoever put those maps together were not into classical music :slight_smile: )

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Have you tried contacting support at Best Service?

after all of this playing around, trying to get Xsamples to work, I was actually able to finally get VSL Syzed SE to work.

I only have the basic first set, so I don’t know if that’s what makes a difference, but… it sounds ok, but not “amazing!!!”

Honestly, as far as the orchestra is concerned, I prefer NotePerformer.

For the soloist, it’s not bad, though it’s a bit stilted and choppy.

Have you read my mega-thread, Praise for NotePerformer? :joy:

yes :slight_smile:
I posted in there, though I forget what I wrote.

I really can hardly wait to see what Wallander comes up with for NP4

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The SYZd Solo Strings are pretty amazing, though, one of VSL’s better recent efforts…