Older man, new college student - Cubase or Nuendo

Hello everyone,

I’m re-entering college at 55 and will be taking a home recording class and wanted to know if I should purchase the Academic version of Cubase or Nuendo?

I want to record musicians and I’m a technical guy by trade and I know enough to be dangerous - former live sound guy back when analog was king and Michael Jackson had an afro.

Cubase would do the trick, but the price difference might be low enough to make it worthwhile to buy Nuendo.

Nuendo will have a higher cost in the long run and is NOT needed for what you are going to do, Cubase is fine


Cubase will treat you right for sure. Gratz on going back to school. I went back to school again recently too. The other students were all young enough to by my kids. :astonished:

For audio and/or midi work, I would start with Cubase. If you need to do more involved audio editing, then I’d also get Wavelab. The Cubase/Wavelab combo covers a lot of ground and is a pleasure to use.

If you were doing a lot of video with audio, then consider Nuendo. Otherwise, Cubase is probably the better fit.


It inspires me that at that age you decided to go to college again! As for a future student, I recommend you read this essay writing service review. This will help you speed up writing your homework.

I recommend Cubase because it is cheaper and easier to learn.

Nature balances itself. some thing got harder and some got softer :slight_smile:
Good luck and enjoy, for the purposes you mentioned cubase is more than enough

When you aren’t in school for a while, you forget things. Topics like Mathematics, Chemistry, etc. get lost when you aren’t actively using them. A 45 year old has learned tons of things in those years. The difference is that he’s had 25+ years to forget the type of stuff the college curriculum expects students to have, because they’re [generally] entering college right out of (or not long after) high school.

This is why remedial courses are a thing.