Older version of Cubasis until the 1.7 is fixed

Hi Steinberg,

I’m really frustrated at the lack of support considering the stuttering audio and the weird time changes occuring in the latest update, reported by alot of users. It all worked fine until this update. Is this app really sutch a smal deal in the Steinberg cooperation that you can afford this total silence towards your costumers. We need some answers or at least a hint that you are working on the problems. As for now Cubasis is worthless as a serious DAW. Until you fix the app to it’s previous superbness, is the anyway you can let us download the 1.6 version, a version that accually worked?

Best regards/Christian

I agree that we need some feedback from Steinberg else the reputation of this product is going to head south pretty rapidly.
However, I also think that some of the recent problems might partly be due to IOS 7, as many other apps have become more buggy (including Apple apps). For this reason, probably going back to 1.6 might not help (is it even compatible with IOS 7 ?)
I am eagerly looking forward to IOS 7.1 and Cubasis 1.8

Yes,it’s more than annoying.But it’s not only steinberg’s fault.Look at most of the threads or the wishlist.Everybody is crying to add new features ASAP ASAP ASAP(me too),people would be disappointed with just 1-2 bugfix releases or if steinberg needs more than 4 weeks to shoot out a new update.It was definitely running much smoother and stable in the beginning,yes.But I think we should be a bit more patient.Steinberg should take some bugfixing time at least after the Automation update.We are not too far away to have almost "real"DAW situations with IAA plugins or Audiobus 2.0.Worth the wait for me.

BUT,what i really don’t like is the absence of steinberg replies to a lot of reported problems here.People would definitely cool down quickly if they have the feeling somebody is listening and taking care.I really don’t see a problem to post more frequent here in the forum,companies (for music apps)MUCH smaller than steinberg are doing this very well.Even if it’s just one person running a certain app.

Look at forums where the companies or developer are very active.Audiobus or Auria for example.Usually it’s really a nice and peaceful athmosphere.Such a great support to find on this sites.C’mon,Steinberg,i think you can do it better (here in the Forum,better than Audiobus or Auria is simply not possible :wink: )

I really love the app even if it makes me a lot of headaches the last time.Looking forward how it will evolve in the next -say- six months!

My wild guess is that they’re on holidays/vacation or whatever they call it there.
It is Christmas after all.
I guess they could have mentioned that though.


We are investigating this problem!

So can we expect this to be fixed soon?? Jus sayin i payed 50 plus for the app and its kinda in limbo rite now…

Hello all,

We are planning to release another 1.7 maintenance update (1.7.2) before 1.8 that will improve the performance and address many user reported problems.

Please follow the link bellow for the official announcement and some recommendations to improve the performance:


Best regards,