Older versions of Cubase for students

Hello Everybody,
I heard from a fellow engineer that it might me possible for students who wish to learn Cubase and can’t afford it yet, to download unsupported older versions and to buy only the dongle, he said he heard somewhere that Steinberg actually encourages it?
This would be very generous of them if it is indeed true?
Thank you

These ones:

Never heard about Steinberg offering free Cubase software to anyone.

FYI… the software links in the link you posted are upgrades for existing installed Cubase software versions.

You do know that they offer discounts for “education” customers.

FYI… the edu version of CB Elements 10.5 is currently listed as $66.99 and no dongle is needed. The dongle Itself costs $27.99

Regards. :sunglasses:

Oh thanks for the clarification,
Yep I know about the education versions, which is indeed what they use, and was also surprised by what he said