"Older, Wiser"

Another rebuild from an old song, and once again… I’m tackling the lead vocal. I’ve retained the original lead guitar parts played by Scott Kent, but shifted down 3 steps! I’ve also kept some of the original backing vocal/harmonies sung by Wolfgang Menzel also shifted -3. The original key was just too high for me…

Older, Wiser

Even though it was shifted down, it still sounded natural. Sounds like it would be popular in this genre. Radio ready.

good song again Ian…like suprawill 1 said …radio ready…like the production…I’m still trying to get this separation of instruments that you get…maybe when I’m 101 I’ll get there…Kevin

Hi Ian,

I think I can remember the old version.

This is very nice!
The shifted guitar and vocals sound natural, your vocal sounds good in this range.

Well done! :sunglasses:


Thanks guys :sunglasses:

Into The Lair :wink:

Sounds good, Ian. The pitch shifting was basically unnoticeable. Everything sounds balanced.
Ya know, In places your lead vocal had a very similar tone to Wolf’s voice - and that’s a good thing. :slight_smile:
Have you heard from Wolf at all?

I really miss him and his music around here. :frowning:

Nice Ian production of a nice Ian piano ballad. Sounds good to me. Vocal harmonies came out good.

Nice ‘moving’ rhythm on the piano and in general throughout. I liked the arrangement and the mix. Some of the lead guitar parts work well, although at times it goes off on a tangent of muffled notes buried in the mix though. I personally hate going back and re-doing stuff to old tracks, feels like such a chore xD Good going getting some old tunes resurrected though.

Thanks guys. :slight_smile: This’'ll no doubt get a few minor tweaks before going to print.

No, not for a couple of years now. I think he kinda withdrew from the music thing when he relocated and got back into his career - a career he was ‘encouraged’ to return to after being on some sort of invalids benefit for quite some time. Not sure how all that stuff works in Germany?

Anyway, there’s no denying that both he, you and indeed Jet, after all the collaborative work we did in the past, have certainly influenced my own vocal explorations! :sunglasses: