Oldstyle stanza numerals?

I have a project that requires oldstyle numerals for stanza numbers. I assume the only way to achieve this is to modify the font so that the oldstyle glyphs are placed at the lining numeral unicode points? Is there another way to do this? Thanks.

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Some typefaces have non-lining figures as their default; it may be possible to find one that matches somewhat.

I’d really love to see Dorico support some more Opentype features like this. A couple of years ago when I was changing up my default fonts, there were a bunch I liked but had to eliminate because they defaulted to oldstyle figures, which obviously don’t work for chord symbols. A way to specify the numeral style, small caps (if available), all caps, etc. in a Paragraph Style would be really great.

Dan, are you still using Minion? If so, the old pre-Pro version of Minion Expert or Minion SC both have oldstyle instead of lining.


Additionally, it would be nice if we could toggle antiphon/ refrain/ versicle symbols as well. I regularly have to use these markings because the texts we use are tropes of liturgical ‘propers’:

Yes, but I just ended up making a modified variation of the font that places the oldstyle glyphs (with their metrics) at the standard numeral codepoints. Easy enough.

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