Oleg Jastrebov

Hello! I bought Cubase LE AI 8, together with remote control Yamaha TF-5. Self-activate the license for this program I could not get, and I drew a specialist, the Yamaha representative in Moscow. (ArtemSorokin). He helped me to activate it, for that I have given him access to his mail and profile with all codes. Today when I went to your profile, then on my list of foods not found Cubase LE AI 8. There is an old Cubase AI 4 software, which I bought in 2008. I have a question for you. So it must be that after 8 licensing program has disappeared from the list of my products on my profile? Or there is a violation of my rights representative from Moscow? Answer me please. The fact that I wanted to buy you a more advanced version. But I am afraid that I cheated, and now I do not know how to act further. Oleg Hawks.


I checked you account. AI 8 was not there because it was never registered, although the activation code was correctly generated inside your account. I did register it, so it will be visible now.

There was not violation whatsoever.

Kind regards,