Olympics closing ceremony -- what do you think?

Still watching this as I type – however, from a technical perspective, perhaps we’ve all gotten used to perfect tuning, perhaps it’s me, but has anyone else felt that most of the live performances seem to be plagued by “flat” singing?

Roger Daltrey bucks all trends and pretty much nails each note …

Eric Idle was great :slight_smile:

That’s the first thought I had. Anyone else?

Considering the wealth of choice in Britain they could have found more artists who could perform at that level. I seriously doubt that many of those acts would have had much relevance to the rest of the world. Too pre-90s and unknown wonderkids. Looked like the clock stopped at 1989 and something popular in Ibiza.
The show and the lighting though. First class. Great stage design.
Overall I thought it looked like a big compilation of British TV advertisements.

Mostly seemed sharp to me…