Olympics Opening: What happened to Paul McCartney's sound?

Did anyone watch this, or notice that the first few seconds of Hey Jude his vocal level was way off … like they forgot to fade him up or something?

I noticed, but to be honest, it didn’t bother me because Hey Jude is my least favourite Beatle song, never did like it and I’m a huge Beatle fan.

Oh, I actually feel the same on all 3 counts (though maybe Hey Jude isn’t my least favorite, that might be Mr. Moonlight, or something) … but my main point was how even for the grand finale on the biggest stage in the world, if it’s live, it can go wrong. Amazing!

delay time due to the large arena ! same effect as latency in your daw ! sound take “some times” to travel & at the beginning we have the stage sound mixed with the arena sound (tv delayed) !

It’s time Macca was put out to grass with his mate Elton - great acts but they’ve been on too long. Make way, make way! :laughing:

Absa-flamin-lootly…! Awful, horrible choice for closing act.

I think the sync was out on the broadcast feed. It looked like he was miming it for a minuet…


I think he was meant to be miming but came in a bar or so early against the click track. The band went with him(he’s Paul McCartney) but he lost the rest of us…

I hold a special place in the basement for “Blue Jay Way”

By comparison, everything that Ringo sings is a masterpiece.

Exaggerating, but not by much. Loves me some Beatles.

“Photograph” by Ringo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGuPfCD9kdk it’s fabulous (great band behind him). It’s my second favourite to “Victoria” by the Kinks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vW-JYsF3xHI
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