Olympus elements

Just wasted 4 days and 85 quid on Olympus Elements downloaded via Native Instuments and Kontakt I have given up. Where do I get a copy that will run on Dorico 3.5

Sorry to hear of your problems, @Sailorsailor. Hopefully you can obtain a refund from Native Instruments.

To buy Olympus Choir Elements for HALion, please click here.

The discounted Olympus Choir Elements for owners of Dorico 3/3.5 Elements or 3/3.5 Pro saves a little money.

Dont know about refund but now up and running with Elements after a fairly painless download and install for £65. After 10 years with Sib I’m not quite tuned into the techy stuff - got to pay to learn I suppose.

Yes refunded. Excellent service from Time + Space. My fault for trying to download to Dorico via Kontakt. Anyway upgraded from Micro for £65 now trying to figure out how to get it working but at least I know it’s in Dorico. Thanks all for help

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Bought Olympus Choir Elements this January through Steinberg, for Dorico 4 use.
Just finished to install everything and now trying to understand how to trigger the options it says it has.
I can see the play techniques added to the menu, but when putting them to the score, there doesn’t seem to be any change.
Here’s what I wrote:

Looking at the expression map, I can see the different “sounds” it can make. I started with the “Mm” marcato. Then I tried a few of the vowel sounds, but I get a soft “Ah”.

So what am I missing?

Are you using the Olympus Choir Elements playback template that John made and which is posted on the Dorico blog? If not, that should probably be your first port of call: