Olympus elements

Just wasted 4 days and 85 quid on Olympus Elements downloaded via Native Instuments and Kontakt I have given up. Where do I get a copy that will run on Dorico 3.5

Sorry to hear of your problems, @Sailorsailor. Hopefully you can obtain a refund from Native Instruments.

To buy Olympus Choir Elements for HALion, please click here.

The discounted Olympus Choir Elements for owners of Dorico 3/3.5 Elements or 3/3.5 Pro saves a little money.

Dont know about refund but now up and running with Elements after a fairly painless download and install for £65. After 10 years with Sib I’m not quite tuned into the techy stuff - got to pay to learn I suppose.

Yes refunded. Excellent service from Time + Space. My fault for trying to download to Dorico via Kontakt. Anyway upgraded from Micro for £65 now trying to figure out how to get it working but at least I know it’s in Dorico. Thanks all for help

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