OMF/AAF Import


I receive an AAF from my picture editor. The project is HD (shot on Canon 5D)
Avid Media Composer 5.0.1
Cubase 6.0.2
import through Nuendo 5

I myself have Cubase, but import through Nuendo 5. AAF works, OMF didn’t work at all (all clips empty)
By importing the AAF all the audioclips were moved within themselves in the timeline. Meaning their startpoint was different. To compare to the original I received a .wav of the whole audio and yes, all the track clips are on a different position. Somehow Nuendo must interpret the AAF wrong.

I read through the forums and know that AAF is not a standardized format. Everybody handles it how they want to and therefore it is impossible to work between Avid and Nuendo.

How can I solve the problem? What do I have to tell the editor, which parameters to expoert?
Or do I have to use ProTools to make it work? (Avid MC to ProTools seems fairly easy)

I hope for a quick answer, since I have 3 weeks time to edit the picture.
kind regards

(I would post in Nuendo 5 board, but don’t have rights to write there.)

There is no solution I guess…
Now went from Avid 5.5 to Avid 3.0 to do an OMF export (Avid 5.5 wouldnt do, bc its HD project), imported in Cubase and it works fine.

Is it so difficult to create a new format (AAF is fairly new) that is a standart for all programs who use it? Seems like companies cannot talk with each other.

I am also awaiting for the feature of AAF support. Let’s see whether Cubase 9 will do this well.

I think Avid 5.5 can do OMF export if you just change your project settings to SD for the export…