OMF automation

Why does EXPORT OMF from Cubase not include any automation data? Other apps can export OMFs and when I import it shows the automation.


I am having frustrations with this too.

Am I missing something or does Cubase 6.5 really not export volume automation?

Pro Tools 10 also doesn’t like any other OMF Cubase exports with the OMF2.0 boxes ticked. The left right locator option also screws up when importing into Pro Tools

I hope they fix this in Cb 7. We really need AAF export too since its better than omf, but at the very least OMF neds to include automation.

OMF is an open standard audio project file format. It does not include MIDI or automation. It’s just designed to transfer the audio tracks between different hosts.

In other words, if it included automation, it wouldn’t be OMF, it would be a Cubase project.

What you’re asking is not possible at this time. There is no standardized project format that you can use to transfer a full project file (audio, MIDI, automation, channel settings, etc) between different hosts.

Not likely to ever happen because the hosts and their inner workings are so very different.

OMF files from Final cut pro include automation. Cubase should be able to send the automation too.

Just searched this…seems some volume/fade automation is possible. I’d think it would need a remix if you’re adding plug-ins back in after import. Good luck with it.

Really? I cant get it to work. Try exporting an omf and importing back to cubase. Doesnt include automation.

Bump. You’re killing me here steinberg!

BUMP lol.

Did newer versions of Cubase address this? :stuck_out_tongue: