OMF Import and automation

Hi just downloading 5.5.2 so maybe that will fix this but until…

Importing OMF from both AVID and FC I don’t get the volume info in Nuendo, we now have at PT rig in house so I’ve tested it there and all the automation is showing fine. In Nuendo, it’s dead. AAF works fine though.

Anyone else who’s got this problem?


Also experiencing issues exporting OMF from Nuendo to PT. We have tried numerous configurations and shortened the session length to make sure the OMF fits within the confines of a PT session. We repeatedly receive an error that there are 32 bit crossfades which need to be converted. When the OMF is imported (consolidated or referenced) the first audio track is the only visible track. I tried seperating the tracks from the project file through a track archive. Tried exporting in 5.1.1 and still no joy. I am going to try converting all media to BWAV.


Still no luck. Converted all media to BWAV. Moved to a backup session to do so. Still no joy. I have PT installed on the system and no matter what I do the OMF always only sees the one track. I have had luck with AAF althought it drops the hard panning data.

the one track thing is a setting in the n5 export omf window. post a screenshot of your export settings and i’ll tell you what’s wrong.

here are my export settings: